Fluid Forms / Solid Spaces 2009 to present
These paintings represent a continuing exploration of abstract imagery that begins with the impulse to doodle. Doodling is a form of play—and these paintings take such play seriously. From a Jungian perspective, doodling can access the unconscious and the visual symbols that the unconscious creates. These symbols give the psyche a sense of wholeness, even in a fractured world. These paintings begin as doodles, turn into biomorphic images, and finally develop into unique painterly compositions through this unconscious process. The final compositions show the interrelationship of two core artistic concepts that are usually considered distinct and separate: figure and ground or form and space. I take a traditional illusionistic approach to my work in which paintings are like windows; in this case the windows are looking inward, into this artist's mind, not out into the external world.

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