ART TALKS with Jamie Rauchman

This is an interview with me (conducted in 2014 and edited and broadcast in 2015),
for a show on Public Access TV in New York City, called “Art Talks” where artists are
given the chance to show and talk about their work.

Studio Visit: James Rauchman

January 6, 2018 / Contributed by Sharon Butler

We were born several years apart, but James Rauchman and I have the same severe late-February birthday. Babies born in the northeast during the dark, cold winter months are a hearty breed, and when I stopped by his Morningside studio in December, he and his partner had just bought a house in Vermont, where the weather is even more punishing than it is in New York. Nevertheless, he’s eager to turn the outbuilding on the property into a studio and begin painting. His remarkably fluent, expressive, and eclectic paintings document his life and freely cross genre boundaries. Some are realistic paintings from life, as in a series depicting his studio and images of travels in Cuba, while others record surreal fantasies of his interior life and still others are small-scale abstractions. His most recent canvases feature Riverside Park at night. Read more.

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